Surgical scrub and dressing

During Module 6 you are expected as a medical student to observe or participate in at least one caesarean sectio. Some of you may also get the opportunity to assist in gynecological surgeries.

Before you enter the sterile surgical field, it is important to scrub and gown correctly. These two films serve as a reminder of these procedures. If you are unsure regarding scrubbing, gowning or sterility in any way, don't hesitate to ask the surgical nurse or the doctor you follow for advice or help

Waterless disinfection

The film from SIS (Surgcal Infection Society) on waterless scrub demonstrates disinfection in two steps. We emphasize that in Oslo University Hospital (OUS: Oslo universitetssykehus) the procedures require disinfection done in three steps, repeating the disinfection of both arms/hands once. This is illustrated in this OUS procedure, where step 1-14 are to be repeated.

Common errors in scrubbing

The film from SIS (Surgcal Infection Society) on practical tips for avoiding errors may be useful before entering the OR (Operation Room).

Surgical dressing

This film from University of Kansas Medical Center at Cambridge shows similar practical routines that you will meet and be expected to follow also in Norway.